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Founded in 2012, Blazer Media has been devoted to creating recruiting highlight videos for athletes who want to play at the next level. The company was founded by Leon Blazer, who is a former college coach who uses his expertise and countless hours on the recruiting trail to help athletes get noticed.

The motto for Blazer Media is: “Highlight films from a coach’s perspective.” No matter the sport, these videos are sure to grab a coaches attention. Emphasis is placed on highlighting the athlete at the top of their game, and present it in a way that flows, is interesting, and highly effective.

Blazer Media has teamed up with some of the top volleyball and baseball clubs in the city to help their athletes make it to the next level. Through these connections Blazer Media has helped countless athletes get Noticed, get Scholarships, and get into College! Contact Blazer Media to get started with your highlight video!

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What Customers Say


“I have had the opportunity to work with Leon at Blazer Media several times over the past three years. He is fantastic! He has made 4 recruiting videos for my daughter who is now 16 and wants to play volleyball in college. We have had a lot of interest from coaches because of his professional videos. He knows exactly what to include in the video and how long they should be and how to capture a coaches attention. The turn around for getting the video completed is very fast. In addition, Leon also has provided me with answers to all of my many recruiting questions. As well as just given me general advise on how to contact coaches which has been so very helpful! I highly recommend using Blazer Media!”

Terri G.Houston, TX

“Blazer Media has been a great resource in getting starting in recruiting. My daughter is a Freshman who has desires to play volleyball at the College level. Leon was very helpful in analyzing videos we provided and picking out what coaches look for in a player. He also was nice enough to reply to my request on tips that she could work on to for future highlight videos. His response was thoughtful and thorough. So far we have sent out about 10-15 letters to colleges and have received 5 responses. It was definitely money well spent. We will continue to use Blazer for many more video over the next 3 years.”

Michael S.Houston, TX

“It has been an amazing experience working with Leon, he put together an awesome video for colleges to view for my 17 year old daughter. I was so impressed with his timeline on getting this video back to us, and the editing was spot on!!! He was also very helpful in providing tips when email college coach’s. I will use him again for my younger daughter and would recommend him highly to anyone who is looking to play in college!!!”

Michelle B.Houston, TX