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Yes. We offer discounts for multiple players and special pricing for groups. Give us a call at 832-335-9716 to discuss your players and goals. We’re happy to accommodate your situation and create custom packages to fit your needs.

Blazer Media is a company devoted to creating recruiting highlight videos for athletes who want to play at the next level. The company was founded by Leon Blazer, who is a former college coach who uses his expertise and countless hours on the recruiting trail to help athletes get noticed.

The motto for Blazer Media is: “Highlight films from a coach’s perspective.” No matter the sport, these videos are sure to grab a coach’s attention. Emphasis is placed on highlighting the athlete at the top of their game, and present it in a way that flows, is interesting, and highly effective.

Blazer Media has teamed up with some of the top volleyball and baseball clubs in Texas to help their athletes make it to the next level. Through these connections Blazer Media has helped countless athletes get Noticed, get Scholarships, and get into College!

Blazer Media was founded in 2012. There are many companies that have offered highlight videos from time to time, but no one does them better than Blazer Media. We use professional coaches to review each and every contact to ensure that they are quality. Most other companies use general editors and require the parents to submit the clips. We not only find the clips but evaluate each one to make sure it helps the player and their recruiting process.

It’s simple. There will never be a bad contact in a video. Parents don’t always know what a coach is looking for. Other companies don’t use Professional coaches to review EACH CONTACT. Every contact is evaluated several times before the final video is shown. The competition will use a general editor who knows nothing about the sport. Their work is sloppy at best and can take several months to finish. We take pride in EACH and EVERY video we do. We offer free advice to recruits on top of that because we want to see them play in college!

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