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Send us video of three matches or games and we’ll edit them down to the best moments for an effective video that highlights the best of your athlete’s skills. Include time stamp notes for a discount. Reduced rates for additional matches or games beyond three.

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For a Blazer Media highlight video, player will submit 3 matches/games for review. We will edit those matches down to the best contacts for each skill that the player performs in those matches/games. An online link will be provided for review and upon approval will be cleared for sending to college coaches. Team discounts available.

Highlight films are generally 3-6 minutes in length. The main purpose of this film is to give a viewing coach a very good impression of who the athlete is and how their abilities may be able to contribute to their program. Many parents attempt to make their own highlights but even one poorly considered contact can ruin a players chances with a coach. Don’t let this happen to you. Blazer Media videos will never show a clip that take’s away from a players overall ability or performance.


What is a time stamp?

A time stamp is a list of notes that you create to tell us which parts or “times” of the video we should fast forward to and edit into the final video. If you send us time stamps along with your video, it will reduce the price of your video’s production.

How do I submit my videos to you?

Videos can be submitted via Flash Drives, DVD’s, online links, online storage or Dropbox. Let us know what you have and we can design the best way to submit.

Do you have any tips for filming?

Middle back of the court is the best angle. Grab a corner angle if middle back is not available. If the line-judge is in the way, move just to the left or right of them. Tower cam set-ups are another options but can be limited by some venues.

Additional information

3 Match Editing

With Time Stamps ($350), No Time Stamps ($450), None (Add-Ons Only)

Add Matches

None, 1 Add-On Match ($75), 3 Add-On Match ($150)


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